About the Ancient Traffic Controller

The Ancient Traffic Controller is an intelligent DNS server. It supports a number of different backends for storing and fetching DNS data.

A major feature is that some of these backends support different responses being sent back to the client depending on the source IP address, or other properties as required.

ATC Backends

The following is a list of backends currently supported by ATC, with a short description of each one.


One possible backend is the Cassandra database. It can be used in different ways.


Doozer will pick the records out of a Doozer tree and return them. This is mostly useful for internal infrastructure and maintenance.


The ATC DNS backend requires Cassandra for storing domain data and settings. It also requires a working geocolo service to determine close countries to the clients and Doozer for determining Doozer type backend data.

The ATC frontend requires access to the same Cassandra data store for editing records and settings, and an Ancient Login Service type login server for user authentication. It can use Doozer to export itself as a service on anonymous ports.


All current bugs of ATC are managed at the ATC ditz Issue Tracker.